Month: March 2016

Cotopaxi Climb April 2018

I found Ecuador Eco Adventure through it’s partner organization, Ecuador Eco Volunteer. I spent three weeks working on an alpaca farm in the Chimborazo Province with the most welcoming community of indigenous farmers. Getting to experience this lifestyle is something I’ll never forget. It was also great acclimitization/preparation for the climbing I then did through Ecuador Eco Adventure. I trekked El Altar, climbed Cotopaxi, and attempted Chimborazo, but was turned back due to poor quality of snow that could’ve resulted in an avalanche. (That’s ok, I’ll be back!!!)
More than anything, though, was the friendship I was able to make with Wlady, the owner of EEA. He was extremely knowledgeable and insightful and helped me plan my adventures in Ecuador way beyond my treks with EEA. He opened his home to me whenever I was in Riobamba, never tried to rip me off, and never made me feel insecure. He also employs local guides, promotes sustainable tourism, and has many incredible community volunteer immersion opportunities all over Ecuador.
Overall, I am very pleased with my experience with EEA and am elated to have made this forever connection with Wlad and his company.
Muchísimas gracias Ecuador Eco Adventure!!

Elise Levesque – USA

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