Month: May 2018

Chimborazo Climb May 1st 2018

Some friends and I arranged a climb of Chimborazo through Wlady and Ecuador Eco Adventure, and everything went great! All three guides provided were simply amazing (Talmo, Santiago and Paul) with fluent English spoken by two, and passable English from the other (as advertised). They were consummate professionals on the mountain, and great to hang out with at the Refugio, and it made for a great climb.
Outside of the mountain, Wlady and family did everything to make our trip easy and comfortable, even going so far as to bring our delayed luggage from Quito! We stayed at their new hostel for one night, and for the price found it to be just fine. It’s still a work in progress and there were a few kinks, but those got worked out quickly, and no complaints. Overall, I’d recommend Wlady and EEA for this sort of thing without reservation. (Also didn’t hurt that he had the best prices for a climb of this sort.)

Joshua L. USA

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