Riobamba Base Camp

The Riobamba Base Camp is officially open

The Riobamba Base Camp is officially open.  The first exclusively backpacker, trekking, and mountaineering hostel in Riobamba has opened its doors and our first guests were all avid climbers.

Joshua and his partie of 3 all came to the Riobamba Base Camp for their 2nd attempt to reach the summit of Mount Chimborazo.
Kelly Martinez from USA and Archie Judd from Canada both summitted Chimborazo with our ASEGUIM certified expert guides.  You can watch their Chimborazo summit video.
We also had Father and son team Ryan and Jamie Fitzpatrick from the USA who made summit attempts on Cotopaxi and Chimborazo.  Unfortunately the awful weather and unexpected storms made their summit attempts all the more difficult, but they were grateful to have a warm place to return and recover in the Riobamba Base Camp!
From Wisconsin, the Family of 4 Mark Wruble, came to Trek the Inca Trail with us,
We also received Leszek from Poland who succesfully climbed Cotopaxi and Chimborazo with fantastic weather.
A great friendship, Liz Lata and Patrick from Oregon treid Carihuairazo and Chimborazo mountains succesfully after acclimatizing for 5 days.  And last but n ot least, David from the UK is attempting to summit Chimborazo tonight.
It has been a very hectic and exciting month, and we are looking forward to receiving more climbing and trekking enthusiasts in the near future!

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