Mount Chimborazo

Mount Chimborazo is the tallest mountain in Ecuador and the Chimborazo climb is non-technical, meaning you will get a very high altitude without encountering sheer vertical walls that require technical skills like ice climbing.

The 6,268.2 m (20,565 ft) equatorial summit of Mount Chimborazo is also the closest point to the sun on earth. When measured from the center of the earth instead of sea level it is the highest mountain on the planet.

The Chimborazo climb is done between midnight and dawn – with many climbers who mount successful summit attempts reaching either the secondary Veintimilla 6,230 m (20,440 ft) peak or the major Cumbre Maxima summit at approximately sunrise.

Climbers blessed with good weather during the summit attempt will be rewarded with an incredible view of Ecuador’s other stunning peaks such as CotopaxiEl Altar, and Sangay. The descent back to the Chimborazo’s Whymper Refuge at 5,000 m (16,400 ft.) normally takes between 2 and 3 hours.

Chimborazo Acclimatization and Climbing Preparation

Mountain Climbers are encouraged to spend time at high-altitude before attempting a Chimborazo summit attempt to get to know how your body will react while on the side of the mountain—surprisingly, drinking beer at sea level in Montanita is not the best preparation for strenuous climbs like Chimborazo.

Check out Ecuador Eco Adventure’s Trekking in the Ecuadorian Andesguided tours if you wish to maximize the probability of a successful Chimborazo summit attempt. Difficult treks in Ecuador’s central Andes such as the lagoons of El Altar or the Ecuadorian Inca Trail in Sangay National Park are fantastic ways to train your body to adapt to high-altitude.

climb chimborazoPrice per Person:
1 person with 1 guide: $430 USD
2 people with 1 guide: $295 USD

* For safety reasons there is a maximum of two people per guide – if you are climbing alone it will be only yourself and the ASEGUIM certified mountain guide.

Price Includes:
– All mountain climbing equipment and warm clothing suitable for high altitude and freezing weather
– Transportation to and from Mount Cotopaxi
– Accommodation in the Refugio (Base Camp)
– Lessons in Climbing
– Dinner in the Refugio and snacks and drinks during the climb
*Please tell us if you are a vegetarian

Safety, Guides, Climbing Equipment, and Mountain Weather:

– Our guides have all of the necessary safety accreditations as well as hundreds of hours of experience climbing Ecuador’s two most popular peaks Chimborazo and Cotopaxi.

– Our mountain climbing equipment is modern and almost brand new – we have multiple sizes for mountain climbing boots and warm jackets designed for high-altitude.

– The weather on Mount Chimborazo is unpredictable but we will try to give you as accurate information as possible on weather forecasts as well as information on how many successful ascents there have been in the previous weeks

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